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18/09/2020   No Clean Singing were premiering our new track and said:

"... Initially, the subdued seething of the guitars, backed by booming drum detonations, generates a sonic miasma, a dismal feeling of illness at its core. The sickness of the sound is even more disturbing because of the horrifying tones and deranged vehemence of the vocal tandem — whose tortured screams and vicious roars remain a frightening presence throughout the track. ..."

click here for full review.

We finally return to the forefront of brutal black metal with our new track entitled "An Inexcusable Existence". After being inactive for some time, we reastablished ourselves with a new lineup which takes Humanitas Error Est's snarling hatred into a new echelon of heavy. For people that are already familiar with the band, the musical and lyrical thematics follow the same misanthropic and anti human tropes expressed in our earlier work.

The new video showcases a new vision and will surely leave an impression on fans, both new and old. This piece is part of a bigger picture that is yet to be unveiled.

17/072020   Instruments done for the first track and here is a little snippet from vocal tracking:
16/07/2020   Our new lineup is complete!

We welcome MICTIAN on guitar and FENRIR on bass in our horde!
25/04/2020   From now on BASMU will spit pure hatred besides S CAEDES on the front!

19/04/2019   Announcing the following is definitely not easy for us:

HUMANITAS ERROR EST will be no longer existent in the current constellation. Due to different circumstances it came to a standstill of the band. We want to underline, that it‘s not the fault of a single member, it‘s the fact that the interaction of us all simply didn‘t work as planned. We tried hard, but realized now, that it doesn‘t make any sense to continue somehow without being able to follow constantly a „red line“.

Ahephaim and S Caedes (the two founding members) and Arboria will set the band „on hold“. When we have news to tell, we'll give updates in time.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us so far!

26/07/2018   Here you can see the official Aftermovie of the Sick Midsummer Festival including some glimpses of our show! Enjoy!

20/07/2018   Austria, it was a blast! We want to thank for this insane support! Horns up!
Reviews from this gig were added in the press section.

28/12/2017   We proudly announce that we will be part of SICK MIDSUMMER FESTIVAL!
There will be blood and destruction over Austria!



06/10/2017   We can proudly announce that nobody else than LORD SABATHAN (first ENTHRONED vocalist, and currently playing in Sabathan and Slaughter Messiah) will join us for the upcoming gigs as session bassist!


03/05/2017   Next gigs confirmed! November in Belgium and December in Erfurt.

16/02/2017   New gigs!!
    New galleries and new live video from our last gig in Leipzig.

26/10/2016   We can announce the 4 first festivals for 2017:
07/08/2016   Our official video "Pain Feeder" is out :
    New tourdates!!

08/04/2016   New concert dates confirmed!!
    New reviews of "Human Pathomorphism"

16/02/2016   Merch is now available.
    New official video "Raping Religions" online.
    Few new reviews.

16/12/2015   First review of "Human Pathomorphism" online by Zephyr's Odem.


    We're proud to announce that we inked a deal with SATANATH RECORDS (RUS) for our first album "Human Pathomorphism" which will be released in January, co-released with THE BLACK PLAGUE (USA), ABSTRUSE EERIE RADIANCE (BEL) and THE TRUE PLAGUE (USA)!!!

    Our official Teaser for upcoming album "Human Pathomorphism"

    And as a good news never come alone, we can alreaday announce our participation to the Autumn Souls Of Sofia in Bulgaria!!!!

09/10/2015   Time to update the concerts list, the gallery, media and press content.
    By the way, WE ARE IN THE ROCK HARD FRANCE of September!!!
    More great news are following soon!!!

07/08/2015   Just coming back from our tour in Belgium, we have two more dates confirmed:
    07/11/2015 @ Provisorium 8 - Olten (CH)
    04/06/2016 @ Underground Remains Open Air IV - Göttingen
    We are sorry to announce that the Burning Alm Festival was cancelled.

13/07/2015   All the dates for our mini tour in Belgium are confirmed:
    31/07 @ Maison Du Peuple - Ransart
    01/08 @ Mid Summer Fest - La Louvière
    02/08 @ Smile - Liège

23/06/2015   New gig confirmed in Drei Tannen Club - Thalheim!

05/05/2015   New Website Online!

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