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  Creating! We are working on nasty riffs and infernal blasts - the essence for the new album.
    New updates will follow soon (live pics, reviews, interviews).
13/07/2017   Another loss within a short period of time, but we keep our head up straight! Due to private reasons, which we absolutely respect, Exil decided two weeks ago to leave the band. We want to thank him for the great time we spend together and wish him all the best for his future. Our new member on the rhythm guitar is C. - who will be first time on stage with us at the 1. K-Town Metalfest!
05/07/2017   German review from our gig at Chronical Moshers 2017:
"... Die Leipziger Black Metal Kombi fällt sofort mit zwei Sängern auf - und zwar zweien, die absolut was davon verstehen, was sie dort tun. Die blutverschmierte Sängerin S Caedes stand die meiste Zeit in die Ferne starrend, singend dort wie ein Mahnmal während Sänger Ghoul den aktiveren Teil der Performance übernahm. Instrumental brachten sie sehr guten melodischen Black Metal, mit außergewöhnlich guten Drums die sich vor Dark Funeral und Co. nicht verstecken müssen. ..."
31/05/2017   Due to different views about the future of HEE, Tsar decided to leave the band. We want to thank him for his engagement and wish him all the best for his future musical activities. When paths diverge, you need to look forward, and we exactly do so! With Bezoár we found an adequate replacement. He will be from now on our leadguitarist and is ready to destroy the stage with us!

Next gigs confirmed! November in Belgium and December in Erfurt.

16/02/2017   New gigs!!
    New galleries and new live video from our last gig in Leipzig.
26/10/2016   We can announce the 4 first festivals for 2017:
07/08/2016   Our official video "Pain Feeder" is out :
    New tourdates!!
08/04/2016   New concert dates confirmed!!
    New reviews of "Human Pathomorphism"
16/02/2016   Merch is now available.
    New official video "Raping Religions" online.
    Few new reviews.
16/12/2015   First review of "Human Pathomorphism" online by Zephyr's Odem.

    We're proud to announce that we inked a deal with SATANATH RECORDS (RUS) for our first album "Human Pathomorphism" which will be released in January, co-released with THE BLACK PLAGUE (USA), ABSTRUSE EERIE RADIANCE (BEL) and THE TRUE PLAGUE (USA)!!!
    Our official Teaser for upcoming album "Human Pathomorphism"
    And as a good news never come alone, we can alreaday announce our participation to the Autumn Souls Of Sofia in Bulgaria!!!!
09/10/2015   Time to update the concerts list, the gallery, media and press content.
    By the way, WE ARE IN THE ROCK HARD FRANCE of September!!!
    More great news are following soon!!!
07/08/2015   Just coming back from our tour in Belgium, we have two more dates confirmed:
    07/11/2015 @ Provisorium 8 - Olten (CH)
    04/06/2016 @ Underground Remains Open Air IV - Göttingen
    We are sorry to announce that the Burning Alm festival was cancelled...
13/07/2015   All the dates for our mini tour in Belgium are confirmed:
    31/07 @ Maison Du Peuple - Ransart
    01/08 @ Mid Summer Fest - La Louvière
    02/08 @ Smile - Liège
23/06/2015   New gig confirmed in Drei Tannen Club - Thalheim!
05/05/2015   New Website Online!

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